Forest Croft

House for Guests
Li­a­torp, Små­land

IKEA:s long-term com­mit­ment to their he­a­dquar­ters in Älm­hult has led to an in­flux of highly skil­led im­mi­grants from around the world. A couple of lon­do­ners has sett­led down in the small vil­lage of Li­a­torp out­side Älm­hult and want to build a small house where they can work, house vi­si­ting fri­ends and fa­mily and ar­range workshops.

Our pro­po­sal is built on a simple plan structure where the dif­fe­rent desi­red fun­c­tions are pla­ced alongside each ot­her en su­ite re­sul­ting in a long and nar­row body. A loft above the be­droom and bat­hroom con­tain a set of ex­tra beds.

The buil­dings simple vo­lume ties it to the agra­rian wa­re­houses of the area. It is car­ried out in CLT ele­ments clad in facade ply­wood and a si­nus-cor­ru­ga­ted sheet me­tal roof. It is re­ached via big sli­ding do­ors to­wards the gar­den which are mir­ro­red on the back­side ope­ning the buil­ding to a small fo­res­ted area.