Kontorsinredning, Stockholm

Of­fice In­te­rior
Va­sas­tan, Stock­holm

Our of­fice sits wit­hin the of­fice part of an old print shop, loca­ted on a cour­ty­ard in Va­sas­tan. The space is long and nar­row with the long side to­wards the façade. The space has eight iden­ti­cal big win­dows, six on the long side fa­cing north and two on the short side fa­cing east, giving the space ample light but no direct sun. 

The space is 50 sqm and used to be di­vi­ded into th­ree small of­fice spa­ces, a sto­rage space, a kit­chen, a small hall­way, and a bat­hroom. Cir­cu­la­tion was loca­ted in the back and dark because of it.

We’ve re­or­ga­ni­zed the plan ma­king it more open and fa­cing the light. A small vo­lume in the back houses a kit­che­nette, a toi­let and a clo­akroom. To­wards the façade is a big, elong­a­ted workspace and a square me­e­ting room.

Along the façade in the workspace there’s a se­ven-me­ter oak ve­neer ta­ble. Sto­rage units are built from offcuts from the ta­ble. Gal­va­ni­zed books­hel­ves co­ver th­ree of the walls. We’ve laid bare the concrete ceiling and co­ve­red the flo­ors in a sil­very Bo­lon carpet.

The fur­ni­ture is a mix of affor­dable in­du­stry pro­ducts, se­cond­hand bar­gains and ho­me­made pieces.