Entrance Pa­vi­lion
Hötor­get, Stock­holm
Com­pe­ti­tion pro­po­sal

Trio is our com­pe­ti­tion entry to the Swe­dish Steel Buil­ding In­sti­tute and Ar­chi­tects Sweden’s com­pe­ti­tion “72h Steel Race”, a th­ree-day com­pe­ti­tion asking ar­chi­tects to de­sign an entrance pa­vi­lion for the Ar­ki­tek­tur­ga­lan 2020.

Trio jo­ins two of Stock­hol­m’s most well-known me­e­ting pla­ces, Kon­sert­hust­rap­pan and Karl Mil­les’ fountain sculp­ture Or­feus­grup­pen. The stairs, wide, in­vi­ting, ex­tro­ver­ted, a piece of large-scale ur­ban fur­ni­ture and mo­nu­men­tal entrance in one. The fountain sta­tue, fa­cing the sky, gat­he­red with four distinct si­des. To com­plete the trio, these two ico­nic ob­jects are jo­i­ned by an em­bra­cing sculp­tu­ral structure in po­lished stain­less steel sheet. A line, a point, a circle.

The pa­vi­lion shows the steel from its most se­ductive side: thin, shiny, cur­ved. Trios four entran­ces cre­ate a dy­na­mic me­e­ting place that ena­bles pas­sage and spon­ta­ne­ous un­for­ced me­e­tings. Trio sub­mits to the Con­cert Hall’s strong sym­metry and is pla­ced along its cen­ter line.

Four thin ar­ched walls in sheet me­tal in­scri­bed in a four-me­ter large cir­cle form four ope­nings in two axes, one up to­wards the main entrance and one along the facade of the Con­cert Hall. In this way, Trio fun­c­tions both as a na­tu­ral and wel­coming me­e­ting place and an entrance motif.

On top of the walls, a thin, flat slo­ping cir­cu­lar roof is th­re­a­ded, which sta­bi­li­zes the con­struc­tion. A round hole with the same di­a­me­ter as the Con­cert Hall’s pil­lars lets in light in the middle of the pa­vi­lion and opens up un­ex­pec­ted vi­ews to­wards the Con­cert Hall’s co­lon­nade. The en­clo­sing wall ele­ments are il­lu­mi­na­ted from the in­side cre­a­ting an in­ti­mate and in­vi­ting en­vi­ron­ment. In or­der to bet­ter land on the une­ven sur­face the lo­wer part of the wall ele­ments are ar­ched echo­ing Hötor­get’s wavy pavement.

The quar­tet’s sym­metri­cal de­sign wit­hout clear front and back si­des and its ba­sic fun­c­tion me­ans that, when the party is over, it can ea­sily be reu­sed in many dif­fe­rent kinds of en­vi­ron­ments, such as rain pro­tec­tion, in­for­ma­tion pa­vi­lion, party place, eco-temple. The parts are as­sembled to­get­her wit­hout screwing or bol­ting but are th­re­a­ded to­get­her in sawn-off groo­ves and are ea­sily disas­sembled when moving.