• NameTendal
  • LocationMéxico
  • ProgramPavilion
  • Year2020
  • StatusCompetition
  • Size80 m2

During the 19th century the Mexican rope industry experienced an economic boom, primarily in the Yucatan peninsula. With the advent of plastic-based synthetic ropes the natural rope industry dwindled as is today leading a marginalized existence. In moving to a post-fossil world, reconsidering pre-fossil industrial technologies and how they can be integrated in a modern society can be a vital route to a more sustainable production culture.

TENDAL was born from a reflection on current architecture and a return to nature and native materials, rope and wood. It references traditional drying of henequen fibres while playing with common architectural elements such as corridors, rooms, walls and porticos to create an ephemeral architectural experience primarily characterized by its use of material.

The pavilion can be assembled and disassembled quickly with no need for specialized labour necessary, your own hands and common tools are enough to assemble it. It is designed to minimize cutting and penetration of the source materials.