Wa­ter Re­se­voir
Öre­bro, Swe­den
Com­pe­ti­tion pro­po­sal, 2nd prize
Öre­bro Municipality

Per­ma­nent gi­ves a dig­ni­fied, restrai­ned but play­ful form to one of so­ci­e­ty’s most im­por­tant in­frastructure pro­jects: to give all ci­ti­zens the con­di­tions for a de­cent life through ac­cess to clean wa­ter. A simple gesture, a sculp­tu­ral, un­du­la­ting white en­ve­lope forms the core of the pro­ject. The façade has a clear and ea­sily le­gible ab­stract de­sign while ope­ning up for ci­ti­zens’ own interpretations.

The ar­chaic form is an ex­pres­sion of per­ma­nence and re­li­a­bi­lity, while the play of light and sha­dows over the pe­aks and val­leys of the sur­face set it in a state of con­stant change. In this way, the buil­ding be­comes like a sun­dial that re­flects the course of the day and the year.

The re­ser­voir is loca­ted on a ter­ra­ced lands­cape that is held to­get­her by win­ding re­tai­ning walls. The ter­ra­ces that are for­med between the walls recre­ate a sty­li­zed form of the bar­ren lands­cape on the site con­si­s­ting of pi­nes, blue­berry rice and large boul­ders. The new re­ser­voir has a large scale and the pro­po­sal has been gi­ven a de­sign that cre­a­tes a vi­sible and clear land­mark at a distance while also me­e­ting up with sur­rounding lands­ca­pes and buil­dings through a re­fi­ned but simple de­sign lan­gu­age both in the facade de­tailing and in the landscaping.

Per­ma­nent is a concrete buil­ding with a re­fi­ned in­dust­rial cha­rac­ter. The cli­mate shell is in­scri­bed in a cir­cle with a di­a­me­ter of 47.6 me­ters and is di­vi­ded into 62 2.4 me­ters wide and about 20 me­ters high pre­fab­ri­ca­ted concrete ele­ments. The height of the ele­ments is suf­fi­ci­ent to co­ver the un­der­ly­ing structure and to be vi­sible from a distance above the trees and gi­ves the buil­ding a ba­lan­ced pro­por­tion between height and width. The cir­cu­lar shape cre­a­tes a space between the cistern and the cli­mate shell that is ge­ne­rous at the entran­ces and nar­rows to 1.2 me­ters at the nar­ro­west passage.