Ar­tist Retreat
Pa­vi­losta, Latvia
Com­pe­ti­tion pro­po­sal, 2nd prize
Bee Bree­ders

The site is loca­ted in the middle of the pro­ductive lands­cape out­side Pa­vi­losta, av small fishing vil­lage in south wes­tern Latvia where the local cli­mate with cold win­ters and a li­mi­ted growing se­a­son has taught Latvi­ans the va­lue of hus­bandry, re­source ef­fi­ci­ency and to pro­tect them­sel­ves from the for­ces of na­ture. To live with and pro­tect one­self from na­ture. The long-term co­de­pen­dency of pe­ople and land has cre­a­ted a me­a­ning­ful cul­tural lands­cape of uti­li­ta­rian beauty. Buil­ding in such a lands­cape require a deeply felt re­la­tion between buil­ding and landscape.

Fa­ced with the task of de­sig­ning a set of “huts” for po­ets in re­si­dence we pro­pose to gat­her the pro­gram (rooms for vi­si­ting po­ets, can­teen, ex­hi­bi­tion space, ter­ra­ces, staff ac­com­mo­da­tion) un­der one big wooden roof that sweeps around an en­clo­sed com­mu­nal clo­is­ter gar­den se­ek­ing to strike a ba­lance and fa­ci­li­tate a pro­ductive in­ter­play between the con­flicting in­te­rest of iso­la­tion and com­mu­nion built in to the brief. The wri­ter needs iso­la­tion, phy­si­cal or men­tal, to sort im­pres­sions and im­pul­ses into co­he­rent ideas and nar­ra­ti­ves. But in or­der for iso­la­tion to be pro­ductive a counter­point is nee­ded, a sense of com­mu­nal con­text, of be­ing part of a voca­tio­nal col­lective, of not be­ing alone.

All fun­c­tions are re­ached via a dimly lit clo­is­ter ac­ting as a fil­ter between the gar­den and the in­te­rior spa­ces as well as ser­ving as the con­necting tis­sue between the dif­fe­rent fun­c­tions pla­ced along the circle’s pe­ri­me­ter. All pri­vate rooms face out­ward and have uni­que vi­ews of the sur­rounding fi­elds. The en­tire buil­ding is so­a­ring just above the sur­rounding fields.

En­clo­su­res is per­me­a­ted by a sense of sim­pli­city and asce­ti­cism. The structure is made out of glu­e­lam co­lums and beams while clad­ding is made from he­ar­twood pine planks and pine ply­wood. The huts are in­ti­mate spa­ces, com­pact and ro­bust in ap­pea­rance, con­tai­ning the ne­ces­si­ties of eve­ryday life. A retractable bed, a wood stove, s small space to cook cof­fee, a space to store fi­rewood, a space to store clot­hes and be­lon­gings, a fixed desk. Eve­ryt­hing made for a simple life, mi­ni­mi­zing cho­i­ces. A place to focus. A place to retreat in or­der to re­for­mu­late the world.